antique table lamps

Antique table lamps

There has been alot of questions asked about antique table lamps these past couple of days. Im not sure why but with all of the hoopla i decided to write a post on antique table lamps to give you some knowledge about them. Yes, table lamps are just another piece of antique furniture hardware but they can be very precious and rare. If you have not added any antique table lamps to your antique furniture collection I would highly ask that you put in the time to purchase a quality lamp today.

Antique lighting started to become so popular when vintage furniture become instyle with modern homes. Basically whats taking place is people are mixng the two. they are buying antique furniture to furnish extremely modern homes. and guess what.... these antique table lamps are the cornerstone of prestige. why do you think chandeliers are so sought after. Because they are elegantly made. And just about all antique lighting fixtures are made with precise detail and elegance. This is why at this time i would suggest you to go out to your nearest antique furniture hardware shop or an antique dealer and see if you can find some sort of vintage furniture that will accent your antique lighting.

If i were to go out today and search for any kind of antique table lamp i would make sure that it is big. Big antique table lamps warrant more in the future value because they are harder to make..thus they are more rare. And anytime an antique is rare you best believe that it'll earn you some big bucks down the road. Antique table lamps like other antique furniture must have a proper antique appraisal in order to make sure that your're not being cheated by any antique reproductions. You also dont want to buy an antique with any hidden flaws and then you'll have to go through the whole cleaning antique furniture process. whatever you do make sure you get the highest quality antique table lamps possible.

Also while at the antique furniture hardware store you might want to look into getting some antique lamp covers for you expensive gifts. you do not want dust, sunlight, and other dangers to hurt your antique lighting fixtures. Also i would purchase some pads for the bottom of the table lamp because antiques are old and they can break easier than modern furniture so you want to take all the steps that you possibly could to protect them. like i said before, you can shop at value city furniture for antique furniture and get some antique garbage or you can really do your homework and get the best. Its all really up to you but whatever you do make sure that you are protecting it. You wouldn't buy some antique beds without some good vintage bed sheets would you?

Antique table lamps can bring you alot of money if you properly take care of them i would highly suggest that you invest in antique lighting and purchase an antique table lamp today to accent your antiques collection.

antique appraisal

antique appraisal

One thing that is for certain is if you want to get into the antique furniture business percieved value can make a world of difference. If you were to ever make a living off of lets say victorian furniture you'll either have to know a good price to buy it at or know a good price to sell it at. This is where a good antique appraisal would come in. Antique appraisals can tell you exactly what your antique furniture is worth. They'll give you tons of details regarding the age of your antiques, the damage, they have ways of even finding out who the original owner was. And all of this stuff, yet time consuming can be very valuable to the average antiques collector.

wouldnt it be great to go in your grandparents basement and find some old antique table lamps from their grandparents. Well if you know anything about antiques you would probably get happy if you found the antique mirrror in good shape. Well your first inclination should be to go to an antique dealer and get an appraisal. This will either confirm your high hopes of making thousands with your grandparents antiques or prove to be a dud.

Now what you want the antique appraiser to do is actually give you a fair market value, but the good question is how to know what antique furniture is worth. Reason being is this will give you more knowledge about pricing. if you know you have an antique thats worth $500,000 dollars and thats fair value you now know that $500,000 would be your MINIMUM selling price. and anything over is just pure profit. This is good knowledge to have as a seller this is why finding a good antique appraisal is not an option because look at it like this. If you get the wrong antique appraisals you could ultimately lose thousands on the closing price if they valued your precious antique wrong. so make sure you put in the hard time to get a correct appraisal. I would even try going to atleast 3-5 different antique appraisals this way you can kind get an average value of your antique.

remember-- antiques are only worth what somebody is willing to pay for it, so almost every antique appraisal will be different but if correct they should be somewhat similar.

Also another good thing about an antique appraisal is the dreaded antique reproductions, because you will never really figure out how to know what antique furniture is worth. If you go to an antique auction and spend $60,000 you probably want an original antique piece but guess what. Theres millions of people everyday looking to rip of kind people like me and you by making antique reproductions and then marketing them as original pieces from the 1700's. Heres a story about a lady who died 2 years ago at the age of 95. this lady had always really been into antique collecting and one day she managed to get some antique dishes for what seemed to be a fair price. Well she bout this at age 23 and held on to it forever, obviously she was expecting to get rich ..which is a good thing to do buy and antique then hold on to it for a long time and then sale it. well she held onto her antique dishes until she was 90. she said her plans were to sell them and use the money for lung surgery that she knew she would need because she developed cancer from smoking. Well she took the dishes to an antique appraisal an the guy said ma'am these are worth maybe $20 bucks. Not believeing him she took the antiques to 6 more antique dealers to get an appraisal and everyone else gave her a value of below $15 bucks. Well the last guy told her that the pieces were fakes and had no value so she ended up dying, of lung cancer and the dishes were diposed of. antique reproductions can hurt your financial stability greatly until you learn how to know what antique furniture is worth.

Dont let this happen to you make sure that you do your research when buying antiques. and always, always, always get a decent antique appraisal before actually paying money to buy an antique.

antique mirrors

antique mirrors

When searching for mirrors you can find them to be both decorative and essential.Antique mirrors have been in high demand since the beginning of antique collecting times. When collecting antique mirrors there is a certain prestige effect that sort of boosts the value of these mirrors. You can have the rococo carvings antique mirror or even the grardeur of the baroque mirror and you'll see that both of these types of mirrors demand more than the normal antique mirror. reason being is multiple things, it could be one or more than one reasons here ill tell a few reasons that will make antique mirrors more expensive than other antique furnitures.

Antique Mirrors

  1. antique mirrors were normally made by hand. which means the detail involved in making these mirrors can be extremely high.
  2. antique mirrors come with beautiful frames that can make the modest antique collector shiver.
  3. the darker reflection you get from antique mirrors is priceless. because the old french way of making mirros involved lining the glass with mercury coated tin foil-- a now deceased method but none the less prestigious.
  4. The more thick glass can really make any room glow. the old european mirrors made with thick glass can beautify any room.
  5. and alot of people like the eagle that is atop of most convex antique mirrors. the look is very classic and french. most moderns mirrors no longer use this method either.

Antique furniture of this caliber goes great with some sort of antique chair or any other room accented with antiques collectibles. If you can find your way to the dealership you could probably find some cheap antique mirrors to buy for you master bedroom or kids room. The normal color for these beautiful antique mirrors are normally darker so putting them in a lighter room will really draw attention to the mirror. but if you put them in a darker shade room you'll also be able to blend the mirrors in with the rest of you antique furniture if you have any.

If you want antique mirror review i highly recommend that you invest your money into a good grad a antique mirror from the early 1880's. these mirrors are stronger. they have more detailed frames and the easily fit in with other forms of antique furniture. take your time and and search for some good authentic antique mirrors just make sure you get your antique appraisal to make sure you're getting your monies worth..

antique chair

antique chair

When you're in the market for an antique chair you really have to be careful of your choices. For the fact that there are so many choices of antique furniture online that you must protect yourself from buying faulty or bad merchandise. A bad example i had was last year when i was in the market for antique dining chairs. As usual I came online and i did a normal search for pictures of antique chairs. And of course i saw some exemplary pictures of antiques furniture. now there was one antique chair that really caught my eyes. it was an antique chair from 1900. It was oak wood and in excellent the description said. Well of course i wanted this antique furniture so i bought it. well when it arrived it was nothing like the antique chair picture said it was. To make a long story short if any real antique dealer had saw this so called antique chair i think they might have considered calling the antiques associaton, because this definitely was not an antique chair.

When you are searching for antique furniture, specifically antique chairs you must really pay close attention to details. With an antique chair their are so many delicate pieces that the untrained eye wont see. Also you have to be able to be able to differentiate the difference between the value of different antiques furniture. for instance a good old antique dining chair would be more valuable than a normal antique childrens chair. Thats the way the game goes if you are not capable of knowing value in the antique furniture business you'll come out flat broke with a bunch of knock off antique chairs . It also suck..lets use our example of an antique chair again. If you go to an antique store and tell them, 'hey i want an antique chair of high value'. now if you dont know the real value of any of the antique chairs that they show you you'll believe that just because they show you an expensive chair it will be of high value but thats a quick way to let the antiques dealers to win. what would be nice is if there were certain ways that you could protect yourself from the antique furniture nightmare with poor knock off antique chairs.

  • first i would highly suggest that you get alist of pictures of antique chairs and sudy them. you should be able to see a random antique chair and be able to accurately tell what the value is.
  • Read blogs, and other antique websites to learn some of the newest tactics being used to scam antique buyers today.
  • get familiar with maybe 4-5 antique chairs and learn them thoroughly. do not think about buying an antique chair that is not on your list. this way you will be extremely knowledgeable about the specific chairs you want to buy.
  • study the entire antique furniture business as a whole. nobody can teach you better than yourself. gain knowledge and have fun buying antique furniture.

Now lets cut to the chase you better believe that buying antique chair will be a tedious job but it is something that can be done. You just have to take your time and focus on a specific chair that you are really interested in. Antiques are really rare these days i mean think about it im not a mathmetician but you can do the mat of how many years and antique chair from 1880's would be. yeah thats a long time ago. Which means there were more chances for that antique furniture to get bought by an antique store, get dameged, or destroyed...not to mention the popularity of collecting antiques so ...yes there are alot of antique collectors out there which is even more of a reason that you have to be on top of your game.

Dont stop working on your antique furniture knowledge until you can guarantee a victory selling and buying antique chairs even if you're shopping for antique mirrors. an antique chair can be hard to identify but if you do you job to ensure your success you'll be on google with how to buy antique knock off antique chairs and actually finding some good ones. have fun with collecting your antique chair.

how to find discount antique furniture online

discount antique furniture

So, most of you have been searching online for various discount antique furniture items. Luckily, you arrived here because I have been doing alot of researching on ways to find discount furniture as well as cheap antiques online. I know buying antique furniture can be a daunting task because good cheap modern furniture is not easy to come by these days. And with so many online resources you can easily get lost searching for discount furniutre. So what I want to do is take the time to go over certain ways that might make your time online searching for cheap antique furniture, or even value city funriture alot faster and easier.

Antique discount furniutre

First off if you're looking around for antique furniture you have already stopped by the best place to buy antiques. on this website i have all the information you will ever need when purchasing cheap antique furniture. Another that surprises me is that it seems as if you already know a small amount of internet knowledge. you typed in a keyword such as french antique furniture and you found your way here. And thats good for an antique dealer or an antiques collector because maybe 80% of your antique furniture competition does not know how to use the internet. So when you typed in french antique furniture you knew what you were looking for. Now i want to show you different ways you can go about searching for cheap antique furniture and believe me its a bunch of it online. Your main thing is just to know exactly which search terms to enter into the search engines. Believe me correctly knowing how to search for antique furniture, or even more specific discount furniutre will enable you to leave those discount antique furniture dealers in the drain just imagine you could really get an awesome antique chair like this.

One way to do good searches for your antique furniture is by putting the keywords in quotation marks when you type them in the search engines. now what this is doing for you is enabling your to find whatever words you typed the exact order that you typed them. and that will be the only results you'll get in the results. So what this is basically doing for you is giving you a more detailed search results.

Example lets say you did a google search for discount furniture and you know there will be some kind of antique discount furniture auction coming up soon so you are really in a hurry to search for and purchase some cheap antique furniture from online so that you can sell it in that antique furniture auction. well what you would do is go to google and type in discount furniture or better yet type in antique discount furniture (this way your search will be even more laser targeted). ok so like i said go to google and type in antique discount furniutre now before you quickly hit enter i want you to add quotation marks around the entire word like this "antique discount furniutre". Now you can press enter and you can see that all of your results will contain the words antique discount furniture. Now if you want to do a small test so that you can see a difference you can easily open a new web page and do a normal search for antique furniture and then do a search for antique furniture with quotation marks now you can see the difference.

By doing this all of your results for anything antiques will be extremely laser targeted, you'll be able to find everything dealing with discount antique furniture. there will be nothing involving antique wicker furniture,french antique furniture,value city funriture, not even discount furniture stores, why??? Because its not antique discount furniture. You just have to get in the habit of doing laser targeted searches if you want to find the best information regarding discount antique furniture. Because there are so many discount furniture stores online you could do certain searches for antiques and find hundreds of thousands of antique webpages. but the key is that you should not waste your time trying sift through the millions of pages because you'll be seeing things like 1800 antique, sewing antiques, or even antiques on ebay. Come on man you dont need that stuff you need only information regarding buying antique furniture for cheap.

as you can see discount furniture can be bought online and even better antique furniture that is being sold at discount can be found online if you take the time to do the correct searches. You as a antique collector or antique dealer must save time and be smart do the right things online and soon you'll have that antique discount furniture in no time.

this is for the antique furniture collector

antique furniture collector

Collecting antique furniture is deemed to be one of the most expensive forms of collecting that most people can get involved in, mainly because of the expensive price tags. With this said, it is so important for antique collectors to make smart decisions because Antique dealers are wise which makes collecting rare antique pieces more hard than ever. Among these steps, some of the most important factors include knowing how to clean and handle antique furniture. However, knowing how to take care of this precious antique furniture is not only limited to learning the steps collectors can take to keep their furniture filth and scratch free. Reason being, you also need to learn the factors that cause damage to antique furniture and understanding how they can avoid making their antique furniture vulnerable to damage.

There are a alot of factors that can cause damage to antique furniture, and antique collectors need to know them so that they can preserve their antiques as well as to make sure that the valur of their antique remains high. The crazy part is that an antique chair requires different care than an antique sofa so these are the things you can search for on the web.One of these includes changes in humidity, this basically means that sometimes an a discount antique piece could be left outside in the inclement weather. This can be dangerous for antique furniture and antique dealers because the constant growing and shrinking of the antique wood due to antique sidebar furniture and the changing temperature can and will cause major damage to your antique collectibles. To prevent these types of things from happening all collectors need to use excellent antique restoration and preservation knowledge. as well as looking around for those good discount antique furniture guides that are sold on the net. you can look on our website to find some.

Another agency is sunlight exposure, which can decidedly adapt the blush of the accomplishment of aged furniture. Collectors can anticipate such accident by removing their aged appliance from places area there is absolute sunlight or by application UV filters on their windows. Another agency that can account accident to aged appliance is insect infestation, which includes termites. To antidote this problem, collectors charge to get alfresco help, as the alone able band-aid to this is fumigation. Other factors accommodate the way antiques are handled, the affectionate of charwoman actual and actinic acclimated and on the adopted actual that may stain aged appliance such as from liquids.

Collecting antique furniture can be expensive though. Collectors must take steps that can help them preserve the value of their collections. However, doing so does not only involve knowing how to maintain antique furniture. This is because it also involves knowing and making sure that you do whatever it takes to make sure that your antiques furniture is well taken care of, you must learn how to know what antique furniture is worth. i mean if you wanted to get an antique appraisal who would give you a good price on antique sidebar furniture? Even if you had antique table lamps or mahogany furniture you must know how to properly care for you furniture in order for it to be valuable to someone else. Antique furniture is precious and if you dont take your time to care for it you'll be earning yourself a big trip to the bank. because one thing for sure this is not just any old funriture. Old furniture is just funirture its not antique furniture so you have to act like its antique funrtiure because believe me if you treat it like some old wood furniture with no value someone will try to buy it from you for cheap.

Antique Furniture

discount antique furniture

Antique furniture can make you think alot of these those two signs above were put there on purpose because i want you to think about which one of those headings make you think that antique furniture that the seller has for sale is more valuable. thats right the first sign about antique furniture is good marketing for any antique dealer. a matter of fact i would suggest any antique dealers selling antique furniture or retro furniture to make sure that anytime they are thing of selling antique furniture that you use what ever marketing skills you have because antique furniture does not sell itsself. actually antique furniture has been so hard for me to sale because antique furniture reproductions lower the value of the furniture at the antique auctions because these cheapos start to reproduce the antique dresser and then sale it at an antique auction stating that it is authentic antique furniture. so you have to find away to set your antique furniture apart from the other antique collectors selling retro furntiture. And believe me you dont want those crazy antique dealers messing with you profits.

Because people will see this stuff like the antique roadshow and discount furniture and the first thing that comes to their mind is how can they make a buck or two selling discount antiqur furniture or even fake antique furniture and honestly i would say dont even think about it. because i can go to ashley furniture and buy something for fake or cheap. or even value city furniture and get some good old antique furniture for the low. so my whole point here is that if you want to get in the business of antique collecting and antique furniture do yourself a favor and do you research.