antique chair

antique chair

When you're in the market for an antique chair you really have to be careful of your choices. For the fact that there are so many choices of antique furniture online that you must protect yourself from buying faulty or bad merchandise. A bad example i had was last year when i was in the market for antique dining chairs. As usual I came online and i did a normal search for pictures of antique chairs. And of course i saw some exemplary pictures of antiques furniture. now there was one antique chair that really caught my eyes. it was an antique chair from 1900. It was oak wood and in excellent the description said. Well of course i wanted this antique furniture so i bought it. well when it arrived it was nothing like the antique chair picture said it was. To make a long story short if any real antique dealer had saw this so called antique chair i think they might have considered calling the antiques associaton, because this definitely was not an antique chair.

When you are searching for antique furniture, specifically antique chairs you must really pay close attention to details. With an antique chair their are so many delicate pieces that the untrained eye wont see. Also you have to be able to be able to differentiate the difference between the value of different antiques furniture. for instance a good old antique dining chair would be more valuable than a normal antique childrens chair. Thats the way the game goes if you are not capable of knowing value in the antique furniture business you'll come out flat broke with a bunch of knock off antique chairs . It also suck..lets use our example of an antique chair again. If you go to an antique store and tell them, 'hey i want an antique chair of high value'. now if you dont know the real value of any of the antique chairs that they show you you'll believe that just because they show you an expensive chair it will be of high value but thats a quick way to let the antiques dealers to win. what would be nice is if there were certain ways that you could protect yourself from the antique furniture nightmare with poor knock off antique chairs.

  • first i would highly suggest that you get alist of pictures of antique chairs and sudy them. you should be able to see a random antique chair and be able to accurately tell what the value is.
  • Read blogs, and other antique websites to learn some of the newest tactics being used to scam antique buyers today.
  • get familiar with maybe 4-5 antique chairs and learn them thoroughly. do not think about buying an antique chair that is not on your list. this way you will be extremely knowledgeable about the specific chairs you want to buy.
  • study the entire antique furniture business as a whole. nobody can teach you better than yourself. gain knowledge and have fun buying antique furniture.

Now lets cut to the chase you better believe that buying antique chair will be a tedious job but it is something that can be done. You just have to take your time and focus on a specific chair that you are really interested in. Antiques are really rare these days i mean think about it im not a mathmetician but you can do the mat of how many years and antique chair from 1880's would be. yeah thats a long time ago. Which means there were more chances for that antique furniture to get bought by an antique store, get dameged, or destroyed...not to mention the popularity of collecting antiques so ...yes there are alot of antique collectors out there which is even more of a reason that you have to be on top of your game.

Dont stop working on your antique furniture knowledge until you can guarantee a victory selling and buying antique chairs even if you're shopping for antique mirrors. an antique chair can be hard to identify but if you do you job to ensure your success you'll be on google with how to buy antique knock off antique chairs and actually finding some good ones. have fun with collecting your antique chair.