antique mirrors

antique mirrors

When searching for mirrors you can find them to be both decorative and essential.Antique mirrors have been in high demand since the beginning of antique collecting times. When collecting antique mirrors there is a certain prestige effect that sort of boosts the value of these mirrors. You can have the rococo carvings antique mirror or even the grardeur of the baroque mirror and you'll see that both of these types of mirrors demand more than the normal antique mirror. reason being is multiple things, it could be one or more than one reasons here ill tell a few reasons that will make antique mirrors more expensive than other antique furnitures.

Antique Mirrors

  1. antique mirrors were normally made by hand. which means the detail involved in making these mirrors can be extremely high.
  2. antique mirrors come with beautiful frames that can make the modest antique collector shiver.
  3. the darker reflection you get from antique mirrors is priceless. because the old french way of making mirros involved lining the glass with mercury coated tin foil-- a now deceased method but none the less prestigious.
  4. The more thick glass can really make any room glow. the old european mirrors made with thick glass can beautify any room.
  5. and alot of people like the eagle that is atop of most convex antique mirrors. the look is very classic and french. most moderns mirrors no longer use this method either.

Antique furniture of this caliber goes great with some sort of antique chair or any other room accented with antiques collectibles. If you can find your way to the dealership you could probably find some cheap antique mirrors to buy for you master bedroom or kids room. The normal color for these beautiful antique mirrors are normally darker so putting them in a lighter room will really draw attention to the mirror. but if you put them in a darker shade room you'll also be able to blend the mirrors in with the rest of you antique furniture if you have any.

If you want antique mirror review i highly recommend that you invest your money into a good grad a antique mirror from the early 1880's. these mirrors are stronger. they have more detailed frames and the easily fit in with other forms of antique furniture. take your time and and search for some good authentic antique mirrors just make sure you get your antique appraisal to make sure you're getting your monies worth..